Firestorm Beta with Phototools is out

Ansariel Hiller, part of the Phoenix/Firestorm team, taken by William Weaver

Usually you do not get technical informations here, but this is something special which should be interesting for many artists: The Phototools, written by William Weaver, are a huge help for all photographers in SL. Last night has been published a Beta Version of the Firestorm Viewer. Besides many upgrading it has integrated the Phototool. If you are brave enough to try a Beta you should download it here.

To find the tool you need to open the Toolbar Buttons by right mouse click on the bar. I should add that the tool can be used at all levels of performance. The graphics must NOT be set on Ultra in preferences.

Have fun!

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Belfor Dallas said...

I really really appreciated the Photo tools thank you for making an exception to the norm and posting that!