Inspiration Book Vol. II ist out!

This edition comes online in 2 parts:



Or get your inworld copy here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aqua%20Vitae/29/229/22

These guys are doing a great job!


Rowan Derryth said...

That is gorgeous, and inspiring, but I cannot believe there is not a list of designers in that! Ideally each photo should have credits, which I realise is a mammoth task. But at the very least, a list of designers should have been included at the end. I see all the stylists and photographers get credit, and the editor, but no acknowledgement of the talent that actually made the textures and objects is shockingly bad form.

Quan Lavender said...

The designers are credited in the Inspiration blog: http://inspirationbook-sl.blogspot.de/

Rowan Derryth said...

Ah, thanks! I still think they should list them in the book too, but that's at least something.