Embracing the Madness

When we think about art, we usually have the more or less genius work of a single person in mind. But actually has been many of the greatest art works created by a team, although we now only one name. Much more painters and writers than you might think had and have assistants,  not to talk about movies, theatre or music. In a true team work too much vanity has no place and exactly that makes the work at MadPea so special. So many cool people are working on a common goal: The fun of the visitors!

I just mention here the builders and scripters: Apollosmile, Arduenn Schwartzman, Claudia222 Jewell, Fae Varriale, Geoffrey Xenobuilder, Fuzz Difference, Harter Fall,  Linus Humphreys, Lorin Tone, paramparamm Papp, Penelope Parx, RAG Randt, Voidheart Mistwalker, Yooma Mayo and Zachh Barkley. If there are names you do not heard about you should have a closer look at these highly talented people. Of course there are more in the team, which all take their important part. But nothing would be possible without the creative head of Madpea, Kiana Writer. Her ideas are boundless and she is able to create good teamwork by sharing her passion and her feelings about the progress. At the end all are part of something huge that one alone never could create.The new MadPea base "Carneval" contains so much ideas, games and rides that one could spend hours and never has seen all. See some photos, I took today:

In business it is common sense to say that the size of a company is limited by the imagination of the boss. Kiana Writer's imagination is boundless - the next projects are in the pipeline. I think it is well expressed with Whiskey Monday's blog post of yesterday:

I Don’t Suffer from Insanity; I Enjoy Every Minute of It

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Kiana Writer said...

You're simply awesome Quan, thank you. :)