Opening at Branwen without Engrama

Fae Varriale
This morning I headed to Branwen Arts which reopens tonight, Many great artists are displayed:  Anrod Meads, Artwolf Eternal, EOE522 Akina, Fae Varriale, Nino Vichan, Rhea Vintner and Safi Farspire.

Rhea Vintner

Fae Varriale rebuilt the place. I met her arriving there and found her upset. I well understood her. Weeks ago they booked the band Engrama and last night they got a note that Engrama committed for another gig. That is a complete no go for a band and I never expected them to be so unprofessional. Pity!

Nino Vichan
But the art alone is a good reason to stop by today at 2 PM STL!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bran/238/222/3003


Dubhna Rhiadra said...

Thanks for drawing attention to this. Fae and I worked hard to get this move, and Engrama pulled out even though the other gig was not even at eh same time as we had booked them. they just didn't want to play for 2 gigs on the same day. I hope they enjoy all success with their so-called RL professional career

baronessrivera said...

Das ist Engrama !
Bis vor einem Jahr betrieben wir noch einen relativ bekannten Deutschen Club und Life Venue O.L.D.

Auch uns und das Publikum haben sie einfach im Regen stehen lassen.
Das auch wir Arbeit in diesen Gig gesteckt hatten, intressierte Engrama nicht. Sie hatten besseres zu tun !
Wir hatten einigemal mit Engrama zu tun und haben leider feststellen müssen, das er ein arroganter A. ist und sie letzendlich einfach nur falsch.