Musix Boxes for SOS Children Villages India

Yesterday I saw in TV once again 'Slumdog Millionaire', which is seen as one of the best movies ever. It reminded me that our project 'Music Box for Children' is not only fun and an occasion to find  artworks to collect or have a nice gift for someone, but has a very serious background. SOS Children Village gives orphans a save home. So come, enjoy, buy and donate!

After presenting the auction pieces I start now to show the music boxes on sale in alphabetical order. Have in mind that many of the artists rarely sell anything and this is an occasion to get a piece starting from 10 Linden.

Arduenn Schwartzman - Chaconne by Bach

Just click an and off. Beautiful music by Bach!
Price: 10 Linden

Betty Tureaud - Music Box for Q

This cool and funny items is a sound mixer. Just click and find your own mix.
Price: 500 Linden

Eupalinos Ugajin - [Kou!] Bach's Spine

Click the spine to switch on and off music by Back with beautiful natural sounds.
Price: 250 Linden

fiona Blaylock - musicbox~fairytale

Click to switch on and off dreamy bell sounds.
Price: 300 Linden

fiona Blaylock - musicbox~gregorian chants

Click to switch on and off to hear the wonderful chants.
Price: 400 Linden

Giovanne Cerise - Lillo

The music is as funny as the clowns. Click the box to switch on and off.
Price: 1.000 Linden

12 more works will be presented in future posts or go now:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shekhawati/106/76/22

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