Musix Boxes for SOS Children Villages India II

It is very impressing to see results of all the efforts and good idea's of the contributing works. So many brillliant artists take part and show their ideas of amusisch box. Some of them rarely or never sell in SL.

This is the second part of my presentation, fin the first part here. And here are the auction pieces. Have in mind that the auction ends December 22nd, the sale runs until January 22nd.

Almost all works are trans and therefore perfect gifts.

Haveit Neox: Deaf Music Box

This Music box has no sound. The greatly animated puppet tells a little story.  Just click and watch.
Price: 1.000 Linden

Josiane Sorciere: Musicbox

The second animated doll which tells a story. Sweet and sad. Just click and enjoy!
Price: 300 Linden

Kicca Igaly -  Carillion

The idea behind the work is to show the protection of a child in a family. Exactly that provides  SOS Children to orphans.
Price: 1.000 Linden

Linus Humphreys - Alma Music Box

Linus is a texture specialist and his works are always worth a closer look. This music box is a little masterpiece with 5 Songs and volume control for little money.
Price: 40 Linden

Lorin Tone - Christmas Music Box

Nobody has better sounds than Lorin. For the charity event he gave me a collection of wonderful Christmas songs together with a script, that allows volume control and more. I have taken it in a present box and you can get Holiday sound ambience for a very small price.
Price: 10 Linden

This is only a small part of all works. Come, have a look and hear!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shekhawati/102/68/22

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