Select your favourite Machinima And Win!

It's time to vote! The ManimUWA received 51 entries and now you can judge until end of July. Just watch the machinima, write a list of your Top 10 in order of preference and pass it to Jayjay Zifanwe. The links to the machinima are listed in the UWA blog.

The 3 participants whose order comes closest to the final order decided by the judging panel (as below), will win for themselves L$10,000, L$6,000 and L$4,000 each. The first prize winner will also be invited to be on the panel for MachinimUWA VI and ALL 3 will receive in the mail a special pack that includes a copy of the book, '100 Treasures of UWA' which was produced for UWA's Centenary.

Here are my favorites but not in any specific order. I am always happy when I made it to post the links properly :)


Pallina60 Loon: MachinimUWA V- Seek wisdom - Colors

Spiral Silverstar: Seeking Wisdom in the Stars 


 Tutsy Navarathna   : The Last Syllable of Recorded Time

Mimesis Monday: Dialogging

Secret Rage: Making Wishes

Bleu Oleander: Something's Buggin Me

Karina Hoisan + Natascha Randt: Seek Wisdom

Hypatia Pickens: The Four Gods of Folly

Chic Aeon: Running with Scissors

Yesikita Coppola: INVOCATION


Have fun judging!


jayjayzifanwe said...

some great selections there quan. haha. i haven't even been able to shortlist down to 20 favourites

Piedra said...

my favorite is Chic Aeon.