Sneak Preview: The Fight of Life

"Life is a carousel that we can not get off. We have not even decided which seat we would sit on; maybe it was a camel or a rocket from China or Texas, we had no influence. When we are put in the world, from the beginning we have no choice on the set of options. Heredity and environment determine how we are sitting on the carousel. If someone tells you that the next trip will be better then believe them not, but try to get a better place while the carousel is spinning. If you jump off, there are no new tour."

Betty Tureaud's owns word explain her ideas about the installation. She was so kind to give me a preview and I should add something to have you be forwarned: IT IS MEAN! I had some obstacles to find though the installation. I did not knew where to go and what to do to come further. That felt so damned RL!

WOW! A BoHo HoBo mesh dress in Betty-design for free!
Let me give you a hint: Sometimes others has to be pushed aside to move on. It will be fun today at the opening to see if others are fitter survivors than me....but luckily there is the chance for another round, or shall I say rebirth?

Get your ticket here for the next round

"Life Carousel"
Opening today at 2 PM SLT as always with a concert by Ultraviolet Alter.
Be there on time. It will be full as always!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA28/83/123/3002

Open until Sept. 15.


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