Eupalinos Ugajin ist very busy at the moment. After his particiapation in “Further alongthe Path” and SL9B he “finished” his full sim work at LEA23: [A Kou! Simulation]. 'Finished' in quote chars because he never stops working.  And the installation is already huge. A TP system in the blue bollards leads to the different places. The work is beautiful, huge and confusing. 
Taken by Mooti Moody
The SL9B work found here a place as well as his wonderful installation “Concrete Kite” which has been displayed in Koto Nizna’s gallery before. And Eupalinos invited Simotron Aquila’s great “Wandering off the Point”.

The opening was well visited and I think I never saw so much clueless visitors. The impressions are overwhelming and I still feel as if my brain was blown away. 

Visitors from everywhere ;)
 Without any doubt – that is pure Surrealism!

But what is it exactly? The surrealistic movement was founded in the early 20. Century in Paris. The word "Surrealism" means literally translated "above the realism". Something which is called surreal has a dreamlike effect in the sense of unreal. Surrealism seeks human reality in the unconscious and uses dream experiences and inebriation as sources of artistic inspiration. The target is to broaden the global consciousness and reality and finally to overthrow all current values. It is therefore an anarchist and revolutionary view on art and the whole world.

Taken by Pallina60 Loon
Sounds complicated, but is actually very easy.  The best way of understanding is to experience. Just come to LEA23. Walk around, see, hear, try every animation, let your mind burst and have fun!



Saunder Hand said...

Why do you say that the visitors were clueless? :)

Also, glad to see your photos! "So that's what it ought to look like!"

Eupalinos said...

Thank you Quan :-)

Simotron Aquila said...

thank you very much Quan! :))