Oberon's Factory

As started yesterday, I try cover now the LEA sims I have not written about yet. For the topic of today I am very happy that again FirleFanz Roxley agreed to take the photos. She is so much better than me.

In Oberon's words about KINESIS: "What you are seeing here is a giant pattern-making machine, directed by a controller that can be seen near the center-most column. There are 25 groups of rotating arms. Each group has 4 members. Each arm is told to go to one of those angles - either randomly or in predesigned patterns. All groups perform identical actions. While resting, the arms signal to each other visually and with very soft tones, creating a subtly changing visual and musical environment."

It happend that I often in RL had the chance to see the production in  factories. Usually a guy who is deeply in love with the machines and process gives long and complicated explanations but you just hear the half because of the noise. So I appreciated the mysterious and fascinating movements combined with the powerful sounds and slowly I understood the system. It has something of a mediation.

I feel the same same here. Come and switch on your sound, fly or walk around and enjoy!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA20/22/242/23

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