Evolution in Second Life

Sea Mizin's "Symbiont Host examines the recent trend in Virology that looks at evolution in a very different way.  We now know the human genome is composed of 50% ancient retroviral nucleic acid (RNA) particles and up to an additional 8-10% RNA fully-coded genes that have given us the ability to grow babies within a placenta. These early RNA particles initiated our ability to replicate sexually, transcribe, and repair our genome, all of which is held in the very stable form of DNA."

"As stable as DNA is, RNA is highly unstable, prone to high rates of mutation, which give it a unique ability to change not just our genome, but all genomes within all species on our planet, maybe even the universe. As humans, we are built of endogenous RNA that has incorporated itself into every cell."

"Is it possible to know what new species are on the horizon? Which ones are leaving? What significance is HIV-1 to human sperm? What have we learned from past endogenous retroviral insertions to our genome? Not all these questions have answers, yet we could begin asking them now. More importantly, what approach -- if any -- is appropriate?"

Sea Mizin's answer is full of fun and colour. Explore the world of pollens, sperms, cells and viruses.

The quotes are taken from Sea's invitation. All photos are taken by Moeuhane Sandalwood.
Make sure to take a note card with further informations and the gifts at the landing point.


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