Sneak preview: Synthesia of Colour and Sound

Do you know when the first music- lightshow ever  has been presented? 1915 in the Carnegie Hall, New York. It was the symphonic work "Prometheus: The Poem of Fire" by the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin for piano, orchestra, choir, and clavier à lumières.  This colour organ has been invented by him and he wrote a score for the colours as well. The composition bases losely on the Prometheus myth.

The correspondence between sound and colour was as well subject of Wassily Kandinsky's studies. His book 'Concerning the Spiritual in Art' combined colours and sounds. So has red the sound of a violin and dark red of a tuba. Black and white have no sound. And yellow has the sound of a trumpet or fanfare. He also combined the colours with shape and emotions. Yellow is a triangle and represents anger. Btw, it is interesting that quite a few persons with absolute pitch are able to see sounds as colours.

Prometheus theft of fire
Goal of all kinds of art was for Kandinsky to touch the human soul. His book is supposed to be inspiration for artists like Mondrian to completely turn away from natural / real subjects. Both artists, Kandinsky and Scriabin have studied the thesosophic movement. I suppose that this was an important source of their ideas. Because this kind of holistic thinking is ancient practice in Eastern philosophies.

Inspired by Scriabin's Prometheus and Kandinsky, Giovanna Cerise has created Synthesia. Giovanna:  "The boxes represent the keyboard of a piano. The piano keys are colored and seem to move. Everything is connected to the concept of synesthesia. Kandinsky and Synesthesia links Scriabrin. Each key has a color and a certain state of mind, as Scriabin does in his Prometheus. You can enter every key which has a predominant colour ."

I was overwhelmed by the breathking beauty of the work. You will enjoy it. Can you hear the colours?

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