Inspiring Orientation for Newbies

It is only natural that I try to cover new places as soon as possible in this blog. So I land from time to time on sims which found already recognition in the Editor Picks. As good as that is, a huge problem for this places is that also a lot of clueless newbies are helpless standing around there.

           Follow the path!

Depending of time and mood I often explain then what to do, how to use the search or to move in Second Life instead of exploring. And they are sometimes quite demanding. They are expecting to meet people helping them and do not understand that the avatars they meet are others residents who just help out of kindness. Rose Borchovski told me that she helped day by day newbies how to dress and more after her installation made it into the picks. That shows me always that the guidance of newbies is still one of the very big problems of SL which prevents it from growing. In our fast time most people do not have patience to explore and need an effective and if possible entertaining introduction of what Second Life is about and how to use it.

          sit zone is very artistic indeed

It was a great idea of Arrehn Oberlander and the MetaHarpers Group to build a place for newbies in cooperation with artists: The Inspiring Orientation. See the first results with contributions by Glyph Graves, Tyrehl Byk, Scottius Polke, Bryn Oh and others. The first tutorials are about moving and using the cam. The visitor ends in a place with theme orientated TP's. Maybe I am still a noob too. I found some tutorials to challenging, but time and noobs will prove...

           haunting, beautiful

Arrehn told me that more features will follow soon. I hope that opening boxes and dressing will be a part of it. Great concept, great ideas and great works! It not only helps newbies, it gives them a clue about the boundless creativity in this virtual world. And it is very good that it is now in the Editor Picks!

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For the future I hope that such tutorials will be required for all newbies in order to prevent them from a frustrating start in Second Life.

All photos taken by TORLEY.
Taxi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/LEA26/128/128/20

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