Yet another Tower with Art

Some ideas seem to be in the air, Gleman Jun also has built a tower. This one is 300 meters high, and you have to climb on foot. Which is good, because some of the placed sculptures deserve to be given a little time, especially "The Matter of Ideas" at the foot of the tower.

The tower is part of an exhibition event "Gift", which runs until the third October. Here is a summary table of all places is at all landing points.

Here are my personal recommendations:

Very nice are the sculptures of Luko Enoch. I really felt in love with them.

The bunker of Alon Figaro is nice, but...well ... a bit puristic ;)
The surprise came when i walked out to the sea...

Chuckmatrix Clip, Ub Yifu, and Lilianna Clarity show on Oupolis. Chuck and Ub build fantastic sculptures that are always a feast for the eyes. And Lilianna’s portraits are extraordinary. They touched my heart. The sim Oupolis is lovingly designed and worth a stroll.

And finally, I must point at the Galeria Mexico. Owner Owl Braveheart  initiated  the entire exhibition series. The gallery consists of rebuilt Aztec temples.  At the site I especially liked the works of Sledge Roffo. He has built beautiful sculptures and shows 2 additional photos of each.


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