Interesting competitions: Dreams Building Contests

Creativity in SL is that what excites me most. On Dreams are held regularly building contests. Everything must be homemade, but prefab textures, scripts and sculpts can be used. After the construction phase, visitors are requested to vote on the winner. When I visited the sim, the current task was building a house including furniture and decoration with only 236 prims, a limit that many users in sl have to deal with at their own homes. If you consider that often artists use more prims for only one sculpture, it is amazing what has been created here. See for yourself:

For the last house even self-sculpted and -animated gnomes and animals have been built. Fantastic!

From now on there is a new contest. According to the season it is a Halloween theme "The Wild Woods: You are walking in the woods and come across a clearing.  What is there? Whatever it is, it is frightening... Build a wooded area around a spooky clearing...max. 200 prims."  Building phase is until October 18., followed by voting, which ends October 30. Get a notecard with the rules at the landing point.

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