New Works at Nordan Art

At the Nordan Art gallery is a new exhibition, where there is plenty to see and to hear. Therefore, you should turn on the sound and also turn the music off. Simotron Aquila shows two installations. The first is to the left in the gallery "La Mer." It displays gentle waves in which letters float in a bottle. The content of the bottles give fragmentary information about Simotron, as we constantly do in our daily communication. The iridescent textures provide interesting color effects and lead to play with the windlight settings.

The second installation is on the roof. Please fly up! Go to the bridge of communication and hear the sounds. I was confused by them for a while until I understood the meaning of it. The name "No Distance" is really suitable for this work.
Chuckling, I flew into the second floor of the gallery. The work "Fill the Mountain" by typote Beck consists of red Chinese look-a-like flags that are constantly moving sidewards in space. Below on each the flag is painted a mountain in classical Chinese style. Above are sketches of an owl with a walking stick. Everything she sees, she shoves it into the mountain. So it gathers a mountain of unsorted memories as everyone carries within. A beautiful work!
In the Harry Potter novels I liked especially the paintings on the walls, in which the characters could move freely. That came in my mind when I saw the second installation of typote Beck. Gently flowing pass the static, almost gothic-like figures on windows.
In and under the modern annex, oona Eiren created an interesting grunge world. Topic again is the man in the media world. In the "Remote Control Bed" you circulate around and find no rest by constant overstimulation. This matches the "remote TV Stand" below this work,  a ring of monitors where guaranteed no more program will be missed. The pictures are part of the series "Reassemble" a collaboration by Sheena Vallely and John Say, which are available in RL as prints.

To the left of the gallery in the water is "musiques automatiques" (automatic musics) of Artistide Despres. Three of these works has already been awarded, one is new and partly done in mesh. If you sit on the chairs in the center, you get automatic camera settings. This work is a visual and acoustic enjoyment! ^^

Taken by betty Tureaud

The works are displayed until 19. november.



vincent nesler said...

Thanks for this article Quan, you describe very well the artworks

Quan Lavender said...

Thank you for the compliment. I do my best to make the travels easy and fun for my followers :)