Art between Water: Crash Bang Trollop

You know the work of Maya Paris already from Veparella im my 4. travelogue.  Now her new creation can be visited for one month the sim Metales. Yesterday was the opening and what did I see: plenty of water. This time you can leave your rubber boots at home, because you get there a nice outfit. This time it is not so easy to get. By clicking on the sign at the landing point you get a jumpsuit. The rest is scattered around and you have to find the other parts. You will see that the sim is worth its name. Turn on the sound on and go around with the cursor. Many cool things happen to you. Everything is wonderfully funny and playful and brings us to reflect about exaggerated obsession with beauty and the industries around it.

Maya Paris comments:

"Tired of the beauty industry's crazy tornado of consumption, manufactured insecurity and drastic solutions?
Time to CrashBangTrollop!
Run Wild, click everything!  Dodge the needlefish, tiptoe through the aggravated follicles, help those boobs escape the underwires, Wax on....and off...., spray yourself orange, watch out for the trollop-rocket and don't forget to Vajazzzzz."

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Sadly gone!

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Ux said...

Great job Quan !
Maya Paris is really cool! :]