The Beloved: Family Unit

Recently opened at the Musei di Roma the new installaton of Bryn Oh. This time she has the family in her focus. After taking the TP at the landing point you start your walk through the swamp. I don't leave my house in SL anymore without rubber boots ;)   To me, Bryn is the master of windlight settings, water and sky are grey as plumb but bright at the same time.

I was especially charmed by the dandelions. Out of them dissolves from time to time a seed and flies slowly away.  Next on our way we meet brother and sister, later in the house father and mother. Now the grandparents are missing. They are already in heaven, and luckily there is an elevator. Actually, this place is reserved for the passed away and so it is dangerous for us who are alive. Look around and consider how to progresses safely. It's best to create a LM up here, because when you "die", you find yourself at home again and have to go back. When you finally have found grandma and grandpa, a halo is waiting for you as trophy^^ Have fun!

Sadly gone!

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