Futuristic city, color Explosions, race track, surfing, and volcano: Heaven 4D Ultra Dome

The Sim has  nothing to do with the suburb of Düsseldorf Velbert. It looks more like an Asian-inspired futuristic city. I found a gallery, a club and a theater. In the center is a TP system to other places.  the light show in  the techno clubis  Sensational.  It is as colorful and crazy, you do not need further drugs! Racing fans will find two tracks. One is, guess - underwater ^^. You can rez there funny unicycles or own vehicles. The lap time is stopped and displayed in the chat. At the booth can learn ballet and surfing on a surfboard. From the tower of the lighthouse it goes even further ..... If you're tired, you can roast marshmallows on the volcano and strengthen yourself for the encounter with the mutant spiders at the summit. Rez gun and Hud and fight against them. And I've made ​​myself pretty goofy and landed in the fire crater.

This is the most varied in the sim I ever was!


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