And another Italian Cooperation: Pyramid Fall

Rarely there is an exhibition where I really like all works. Here is one and therefore I absolutely must recommend it. The works are all in 3D and the artists' names are speaking for themselves: Congrejo Aloisio, Daco Monday, Giovanna Cerise, Gleman Jun, kicca Igaly, Lion Igaly, Maryva Mayo, nessuno Myoo Nino Vichan, Peste Razor, Solkide Auer, and Tani Thor. On one work I would like to go into detail, but first, some photos here:

I do not think I've ever seen works by Nino Vichan before, but in that high-class show one work touched me enormously:

We see a birth scene. Among the sculptures appear again and again photos. The arms and legs of the women are held by men with chains and shackles. A birth is a brutally painful, even violent and dangerous procedure for both mother and child. Immediately came up strong memories. But I was really shocked when I read the note card. In many states of US it is still common practice to leave pregnant prisoners in chains and shackles. Giving birth is for sure the weakest moment in a woman’s life, certainly no risk to escape. This practice is an inhumane and unnecessary torture, which also makes a birth even more risky. Nino Vichan has created a great and expressive work.

Today, on 29 September at 3 PM is the opening. The exhibition will be on display for three months.



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