Fairies World: Cerridwen's Cauldron

I wonder a long time why the dark worlds in Second Life are often built much more loving and more detailed than the colorful. A friend once explained it is because the users of SL were all unhappy. But then I ask myself where is the difference between SL and  RL since Buddha has already said that ALL creatures are unhappy. And secondly, it should still be an incentive to create as balance dream worlds, where you can let yourself just flow and feel good. But just in fairy tale worlds I flee with horror because of poorly made buildings and unloving, not to say ugly textures. So I glad was when I discovered Cerridwen Cauldron.

You'll land in a kind of flying temple with an adjoining building. It can be explored by foot but it is especially beautiful to sit first on the dragon at the landing point and enjoy the flight. Back at the landing point you can use the TP system. The island is simply gorgeous. There is so much to explore. Wonderful made buildings, a huge cave, the beach .... and a nice trip on the dragon boat through the swamp. Here you will surely come more than once!

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