UpToDate for the Germans

Since a big part of my readers are Germans as I am you may excuse if I advertise today the first issue of a freshly printed German magazine with the "German" name UpToDate. Many sayings are shorter in English, that's why we use them.

The magazine was born as a spontaneous idea in a German Facebook group and within a couple of days we had an interesting team together. The goal of UpToDate is to cover all facets of Second Life in German. Many thanks to Jess MacHope and Falbala Fairey for their hard work!

I contributed two articles, about Flokers Resident, a portrait painter in Second Life who tells about her life as autist (at page 85). An if you happen to understand German please read an interview with fractal artist Aurora Mycano at page 141.


Burkhard Tomm-Bub, M.A. said...

Good evening!
Fine thing to make a new magazine in german language. Something like this were missed!
I feel unlucky, cause it is not for people from Switzerland, Austria and so on.
It´s called "german", not "german languaged".
I agree with Maddy - bigger types for the writing would be much better!
But there is much positive content, especially the pictures!
Much different themes, too.
So I am really sorry, I will not read it in future.
A "strictly only german" magazine ... - nothing for me.
It sound like a special political direction ...
BukTom Bloch
P.S.: Sorry for my poor english -native language is german.

Unknown said...

Some people are hugely talented to see the negative in everything. If you have a look at the title, what do you see there?
Here the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/uptodatemagazine
In case you are not in FB, here a screenshot: http://gyazo.com/e3b47c4f7c5e61961195dbfa0410b9be