Poetry To Go

One day a friend said to me: " Through SL I know you better than I would in real life so fast, because I saw what you do here and I know your dreams..." This came into my mind exploring the sim Surreal Effects.

 The above statement is evident in all that encompasses the atmosphere and art here at Surreal Effects. Raemus Nightfire (darius.damour) built  a place for his photography and poetry which is relaxing and inspiring in the best meaning. All is embed in a beautiful landscaping with many sculptures. The place gets a surreal effect by the genius WL Setting. Make sure to accept them as well as the music stream. Surreal Effects is a place you do not want to leave.

Raemus told me that his poetry is published in real life under his real name. For SL he created boards which are scattered along a boat tour which you should not miss.

Today is opening "Wisdom's Fortress". The stairs as well as the poetry and quotes appear as soon as come nearer. Raemus explains: "This new exhibit was inspired by writings of both poetry and quotes that express the transition of my awareness as I grew as a person and being over the past couple of years." Seeing this place and reading the texts you know a lot about Raemus at the end. "But that is just a part of me.", he answered.

Raemus at the entrance to Wisdom's Fortress

Opening today, Sunday March 16th at 1 PM SLT.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Abstraction/169/81/22

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