YAY! DD (DeceptionsDigital) is incredible fast. HERE IS THE VIDEO TAKEN AT ART INDIA:

The event was hosted By Szavanna, music and machinima by DD

Thank you all for taking part and making this happen!

And don't forget: Every Tuesday at 1 PM SLT is Bollywood party at Shekhawati!

Taxi: sadly gone


pallina60 Loon said...

I'll leave a comment here because I can not do it on You Tube. Very nice video and the music is very entertaining, just as it was fun to participate in the video shoot. I will come often to take my time to relax and dance with the beautiful music of Bollywood party ^ ^

Odelia Emmons said...

This is amazing Quan :))

Anonymous said...

Amazing quan so beautiful was lovely to do thank you stardove spirt