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Ziki Questi: Lost Second Life

It might be not the first time I write this: Buddha said the biggest suffer of all is the suffer of changing. Of course it is sad when good things, friendships or whatever are lost, but only this gives room for something new. An therefore I have mixed  feelings for an exhibition about lost spaces. I always try to maintain a positive and optimistic view. To much blogs in Second Life as well as everywhere have their focus on losses, downfalls and all the other bad things in life which often blinds people for the good an new, the changes to better. On the other hand blogs have an important documentary function  in a fast changing virtual world especially with an excellent photographer as Ziki Questi.

What I especially like with the exhibition is the note card provided at the entrance with links to the related blog posts to every single photo. Highly recommended!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mado/120/178/38

Sabbian Paine and Kylie Sabra @ Rose Gallery

The Rose Gallery is always worth a visit. The location is simply beautiful and the huge gallery has a large range of constantly changing exhibitions. This time, the works of Sabbian Paine caught my eyes. He is a very talented photographer which I already follow for a while in Flickr.

Kylie Sabra gladly is very active in the group "United Content Creators of SL" which works for the protection of  the rights of creators in  Second Life. As curator of the Rose gallery she is already busy enough but her artistic work is remarkable too. I especialy liked the Steampunk inspired exhibition and could not resist to use it as background for a new outfit.

The headpiece is Jewelry & Accessory Expo exclusive item by Violator: NightLight. It has a gem mask too which was to much for this look. but since it comes in 5 single pieces it allows to play with. My dress is a new release by Sonatta Morales: Aras and the Gala noir fan is made by Terra d'Ombra.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angel%20Manor/109/93/29

Morlita Quan:  The clock plays "ByCubic"

"Don't Stop"
Missing out on the ropes of madness drags me to sanity.
Don't stop ... Not now that
force overwhelms every corner of my storms.
Don't stop,
continues making love  whenever regain the silence
do not stop
desire ........
silence .... but still in calm
Don't stop
Hear how deluded do every nerve vibrate
Don't stop
Clothes my howls
Don't stop
Cry forward to every sunrise bland
Don't Stop
Highlight the agony of the wave does not reach the shore
Don't stop.
unless it is for makes me shiver even more
on a path without return.
Pause ...
Pause until once again be able ...
Until you get back
guide me to the home of the breath.

The Art it is the explosion of ourselves. Art it is freedom. Art it is let your mind creating while the body it is only a physical tool.

Art is everywhere and in every feeling. With this performance I try to show the war to be ourselves, the war to take our passions even when the shadows are still holding us from the past.

Many times when a person it is too sensitive it needed look for our little paradise, our little own bubble where the rules fix with us, and also many times, we are not aware about that little own paradise is it in our heart. So, my friends... Let's walk for few minutes into a humble place where the clock plays under our commands.

The exhibition have 2 parts. Look for the teleporter at the middle of the lake to continues the experience.  Welcome :).

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena%20Panarea/157/79/23

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