Virtual Pioneers: LEA Land Rush

Yesterday DC (Dancoyote Antonelli) invited me to have a look at the land rush. Linden has given a committee of artists 20 Sims dedicated to art. LEA 28 and LEA29 yesterday could be claimed by artists after the model of the Oklahoma Land Rush. For 2 months every winner of a plot has 1600 prims for free non commercial use. 
I talked to some happy winners and they had just some rough ideas what to do. Some, like Fiona Leitner, immediately started to build. 
From left: Fiona Leitner, Betty Tureaud and me
Fionas Place this morning
 Look and see what will come up the next days. It will be fun to see creativity in the progress.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA28/127/127/22
and: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA29/128/128/22


oona Eiren at artFiona

Oona Eiren’s work is with its grungy charm something special. In the beautiful gallery of  Fiona Blaylock took place her outstanding pictures and a large installation.
 This is an interesting contrast to Fiona's work in the other two buildings and in the cave.

The show opened with great tunes by DJ Eif. Here is the link to the mix: http://eifachfilm.ch/bm/detail.php?c=1&i=4a09ee72a1e13285289b687c2e463134f4b07725

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Artemisia/24/76/652


Down and uuup: The Fall

Last night opened a new work by Betty Tureaud. Take the TP up at the landing point. Quite unusual for her you land on a gray floor. In the center is a springboard from where one falls into the depths. Woooooooooow, what an experience!

If you end up in the colorful hall, click on the circle in the middle and sit on the cone. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

But from here you can get even further trough a tunnel. If you sit then on the chair you understand the meaning of the work. It is about our unsafe finance system and the protests on Wall Street. Once again, Betty has packed a serious theme damn smart. Brilliant!
As always at Betty's openings Ultraviolet Alter enchanted the large audience with great electronic music. Once again I wished that these concerts would be recorded.
But there was more entertainment this evening. SaveMe Oh took the chance to invent a new form of self-describing art. Poor SaveMe is not very popular with gallery owners, because they have concerns that no one would visit the exhibition. In her despair she uses the opening of popular artists to show her works. The administration understood the message of SaveMe’s work and took an effective step against pollution, which granted the grateful audience again a nice view on the life act. Here is the documentation in SaveMe’s blog. The opening fulfilled all one can possibly want: great art, beautiful music, nice people and a scandal. Thank you guys for another perfect evening in Second Life!

Don’t miss the “The Fall”, it is simply breathtaking!



Sneak Preview: Phantoms of Absence

 Blue Tsuki has allowed me to have a first view of his new work before opening. "Phantoms of Absence" is about forgetting in the long road of our lives.

After we have gone a long passage, the second station is about photos. But even they fade out as our memories.  

In the next station countless small lights float like boats on the water and seem to disappear in the far.

At the last station they are completely frozen, but some still expose as flags.

Try on this travel at every object where to sit. Many animations make this beautiful work a visual and emotional experience.

Opening is tommorrow, Thursday 27 at 1 PM SLT!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MiC/134/218/22

The world of Pol Jarvinen

Some great artists are rarely to find in Second Life. I am therefore pleased that Pol Jarvinen has shown me some of his works.
"Wormholes" consists of an array of tubes that are constantly changing their colors. Go back and forth and watch the play of colors. Together with the ambient sounds it is a great experience

  A part of his phase of boxes is the next work, where we floated an in the beauty of colors. The work is placed within a magnificent collection with some of my favorite artists.

In the next station we hear again Ambient. I felt myself in a sea of ​​laser beams. The most amazing is that this large installation consists of only 5 prims. This is the art of smart building!

The next work is complete different. It shows how great Pol plays with shapes and textures. Please walk around, a part of the exhibition is interactive. I asked him:

Quan Lavender: what is the meaning of it?
Pol Jarvinen: the meaning i dont know
Quan Lavender: hehe ok
Quan Lavender: me either but I like it
Pol Jarvinen: something from my subconcious
Pol Jarvinen: thats what war makes me think

One work of Pol Jarvinen is now displayed in the huge Gallery 33. At the end I lay down and enjoy the play of colors.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rockcliffe%20Conservatory/179/14/22

P.S.: By the way, in the Gallery 33 is still a beautiful interactive ice sculpture of Feathers Boa available as freebie.



Different paths: Originalia

Horray, the Originalia sim has reopened! The landing point is a post office is on the postcards you get from Original Articles that you can add text to send to friends. Nice idea! From there you have the choice of three different directions:

Cherry Manga shows in "Adapt or Perish," a great natural scene that reminds us of the supposedly ideal world in older cultures. We see a goddess statue, which is obviously dedicated to fertility and harvest. It fits well into the Halloween time. And then there is a terrible cave in which living beings are sacrificed to the gods. The blood flows in streams. Human and animal sacrifices have occurred in almost all ancient cultures. That nice has been the good old times!

Fuschia Nightfire has created "Gateway to Hell". The road ends in a blazing inferno of burning trees and flowing lava. Shockingly beautiful!

The Docks of Scottius Polke are back! I am very happy about that. It is so beautiful. Colors and style remind me of Van Gogh. Rez a swim ring and float on the water. Or sit down on a chair. This is great art to feel good and relax.

Taxi to Originalia: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Originalia/40/201/22

Last Chance: Votings at UWA

The voting round at UWA is open until October 28. Don't miss the 99 works! More informations here
Blue Tsuki
ChapTer Kronfeld
Eliza Wierwight
Faery Sola
Gfresh Botha
Giovanna Cerise
Harter Fall
RAG Randt
Miso Susanowa
Nish Mip
 Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/UWA/61/134/250

Travelogue No. 13

The profile picks are there to refer your favorite places to others. But unfortunately the bad habit has increased that all 10 picks are used to present friends and relatives. Do you carry RL a sign with a list of those who are playing a role in your life? Honestly, your friends know it anyway and others are not interested at all!

I rather prefer the profile missionaries. You know those who feed you with uplifting sayings and their personal wisdom before you know them. I am always grateful, because I can flee such eggheads before they catch me ;)

So far, my motto was always to make a bow to all those who do not know what belong in the picks. No one has any against one or two picks are dedicated to specific contents or people. But lately I have the impression that this bad habit even spreads.

Therefore, my big please: Let us share the favorite places with your favorite activities and where you relax. That makes yourself as well as SL a hundred times more interesting for others!

Now you all may feel free to hate me!  :)

PS: A request to the creative people: It helps no one if you still have your great exhibition or shop of the year 1898 in the picks. Make sure that your current works can be found!


Halloween Horror Series Part 8: Darkness Falls@Pandemonium

I already posted about Pandemonium, here ist the link. In the Halloween Series it cannot be missed. P4NDOR4 Quintessa has given the sim a breathtaking Halloween outfit. And I must admit, the more I see her works, the more I get respect. Walking on the sim I felt more and more the fear of loneliness. Go for yourself, you will slowly get a goose skin.
Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bentham%20Hollow/106/133/21