Pure Surrealism: Lens of Dreams

No wonder that Eupalinos Ugajin gave me the LM of "Lens of Dreams". His installation "Some Day my Cow will Come" is high-class surrealism (see my blogpost here). Lens of Dreams, built by Madcow Cosmos and Lorin Tone is colorful and playful. Walk, fly, sit, click and see what happens. Funny little creatures of several species inhabit the Sim and make on click funny different noises. So necessarily turn on the sound. Scattered around are some signs which provide gifts, including a cute caterpillar as shoulder pet and a complete avatar. I felt back in the world of the illustrated books in my childhood. I made so much photos and could not decide which to show you....
The shoulder pet is a gift
The avatar is a gift
Here a nice machinima made in Lens of Dreams:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX3PQAQb80c


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