"Annas Many Murders" is Back!

Some of you will already know this work. Unfortunately it was not long inworld and I am glad that it is back now. Bryn Oh has changed the build partly to make it even more adventurous.
The way leads you to dangerous stairs and through a kind of labyrinth of rooms. On the way you are told in melancholy colors and soft sounds a really nasty story. The dreamy, shy Anna has a huge dark side. Be prepared for many corpses.
Enjoy this magnificent build of Bryn Oh!
Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Originalia/68/216/108



Eupalino's 'Concrete Kite' or Loopsided

 Eupalinos Ugajin’s latest work brought me today into a bad conscience.

The new installationConcrete Kite opens today and I went there for a sneak preview. It looks very nice at the first glance. Eupalinos comments in his note card: 
„After hours of meditation I tried some action painting by throwing water () on virtual concrete.  I invite you to discover the results.” Well, the results have not really convinced me. ;)
Capture Table
Even more interesting are the installations. Many nice details, especially the "Capture Table," is great. It shows a solar eclipse. Eupalinos gave me the link to the original image. Cool, a solar eclipse of 1900!
The gallery when I came
As always with Eupalinos are many interactive parts in the installation. But I must have clicked something wrong. At the end it looked like this:

The gallery when I left
It reminded me to a sketch of the famous German comedian Loriot: "Loopsided" 
(don't worry, it is undertitlet):

Opens today at 10 AM SLT. Only open until 13 March!
And if you are there, have a short walk on the nice sim Ionic Spell, the home of the great live band Engrama. To me it is one of the nicest sims in SL.


The Beauty of Particles

The Master of the particles shows Tyrehl Byk has combined his beautiful particles with prims. Now you can enjoy them every day, not only in his shows. The new works are now on display in the Fruit Iceland Arts Gallery

I particularly liked the particle flowers that bloom in the garden by passing by.
The highlight for me is "Eternity is in Love" This work is created in collaboration with the French artist and musician Ultraviolet Alter. Every step on it causes new sounds and effects. Brilliant!

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mango/34/60/21


Art and Fashion with M.C. Escher

Recently I wrote about Shopping in SL and the many things that shop owners do to make life difficult for customers. But today opened an event which presents a great concept, although does not improve the problems with the products. Well known designers have designed new topic related products. Also for men! That is shopping experience at its best! Here are the 3 topics:

Inspired by the famous Dutch graphic artist you find new designed items in a great atmosphere.

The second theme is presented in a suitable tent. On the photo you see my shopping mate, the great photographer Starlash Sweetwater, in an outfit from the Clowning collection and I'm wearing a dress with Escher graphics.

Here, the also the hearts of role player will beat higher. Great Designs! I am in love with this belt-body and wear it as a city Amazon.

A beautiful place to relax and hang around with friends. From here you get TP to the shopping locations.

Back to ESCHER
If you like Escher too, go and visit the second universe at Harter Fall’s place. It was obviously highly  inspired by Escher. Please use Mouselook.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA16/74/93/23



Wander Off The Point With Simotron

The last work of Simotron Aquila I wrote about was about moving. Now she is gone one step further and shows in "Wandering off the point" the mobility in a modern city. From the landing point you can see how even the lamps are moving. In the central building there is a TP to the upper town
Everything here seems to be in motion and constant change. And so much lights here. They are also a symbol for the continuous control system in the society. The businessmen as sharks made me smile!  
And it would not be Simotron if there were not some funny interactive details too: I liked especially the self walking pathways and the way to the subway. Just follow the blue arrows.
Simotron advises to set the viewer at midnight and to enable shadows. If the graphics card allows, you should do so. You can see on my photos that this is worth it.  

The great installation will only be open until March 15. Do not miss it!



Today is a great Party and contest at Madpea:
Me as Demon Boar


Don’t we all have some fun avatars in our inventory but never the chance to wear them? Now is their time. Set them free and come to the Madpea Party! All visistors can participate the contest board for the best avatar. This cute creature is our demon boar Aperux.  Feed the tipjar and get this avatar as gift! Expose the inner beast in you! But please no huge avatars, the arena shall not explode.

Live Music: Peet Peterman at 1 PM SLT

No singer could fit better to the theme of the day as Peet Petermann. The Dutch singer performs as monkey. He plays folk, country, blues, pop covers and originals in Dutch and English. I started playing in sl in spring 2007. He started making music when he was young. Peet played as a bassplayer in some bands and made some years music on the streets. Most of his life he has been a hometaper. Made and recorded his own songs. At the moment  he plays 3-5 times a week in sl. He also like to make paintings, drawings and photo's.

Dance Tunes: DJ Freckles at 2 PM SLT

DJ Freckles (Everest Piek Tones-Commons) is builder and role player with huge family  in SL. His great passion is DJ. His fans know him also from his frequent sets at SimKast Radio. The repertoire consists of 5 decades. Today he will concentrate on 80ies dance sounds. 


The Living Storybook

As child, did you also love it so much when someone was reading out for you? Grown up, we unfortunately rarely get it. That's why I was so happy when I found the Storybook. It is a large open book. You get a HUD by click on the sign in front. Once worn to you can choose between two stories. I choose first for “KALEVALA - THE WORLD'S CREATION AND THE BIRTH OF WAINAMOINEN, click on start and ...
 Oooooh ... how enchanting. A scene is built up in 3d above the page of the book. I see a house in the snow and a man, clothed thick and warm, approaching it. And now starts a sympathetic voice to tell the first chapter
Listen closely; the narrator is the boss of MadPea, the Finnish Kiana Writer. Very fitting to the beautiful Finnish legend which tells how the world was created. Kalevala has 7 chapters.  Madcow Cosmos constructed scenes that arise as soon as you open a new chapter. I felt in love with the nice sceneries.
The second story, "URASHIMA TARO" is a also myth which takes us to Japan. Narrator this time is Cliquot Oh. The 9 chapters are beautifully designed. They tell of a good person who wins by saving a turtle but loses everything and in the end. Pretty and sad!
If you prefer to read rather than listen, you also get the chapter written in the HUD. But I personally use the cam not to miss any single detail while listening the narrator.



More than once I had discussions with artists, who see themselves independent of trends. To my opinion not even a hermit could be
Trends are not made, but are an evolutionary process. This leads then to the fact that suddenly arise independently things at the same time that show certain similarities
Such a trend is currently monochrome. The CAFÉ WB is a good example. The landing area has a black background and when you land by the TP at the Cafe it is white. 
A beautiful place to relax and chat. Enjoy!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chris%20Lorraine%20Sofee/180/46/3095



Captain Nemo and Captain Hook

My travels through the LEA sims took me several time to LEA 11 with it’s beautiful marine scenery. After closer inspection I saw that there is built a large underwater world  with a Hunt. 
Look for the chests
And that really pays off. I got great freebies, almost all items of the place are given randomly. I liked the pirate costume with wooden leg so much that I wore it for a carnival event. At my last visit I met the builder Aley. A curious look at her profile showed me that the well known Arcadia Asylum is behind this avatar. Her freebies even have a museum in SL. She gave me this sweet Mer Bunny, which she had just finished. It is soo cute! And if you are jealous now as I would be and wish to have it too, IM me. It is a freebie.
Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA11/108/104/21

A friend saw me in this costume and he took me to one of the best pirate Sims, I have seen in SL so far. The Fair Winds consists of 12 Homesteads, which are all connected by water.
There are almost daily sea battles. Each owner of the homesteads leave for that purpose 1200 to 1500 prims free. The sims are 17. Century themed. Visitors are welcome to participate the role play and can use boats to travel around.

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fair%20Winds/171/93/23


The Art of Architecture in SL

It's always amazing to see what the artists are creating on the LEA sims, This one is created by a group of artists on the subject of architecture. There was not yet an official opening, so I do not know if the works are ready. But they are already definitely worth a visit! The project bases on the book 'The Invisible Cities' by Italo Calvino. In the story of the book Marco Polo tells Kublai Khan about his travels and describes 55 cities. I don't know the book, but that sounds really intreresting!

On the basic level, we see the beautiful fairy tale but also a bit morbid work of Cherry Manga. Have close look at the objects, a number of them teleport to the other layers. These are the doors to the other cities. Four teams have chosen a city, built it and are creating a machinima to tell the story of the city.
Cherry Manga
Cherry Manga

Morlita Quan - Lanjiran Choche - NicoleX (machinima): ISAURA

I landed first in the work of Lanjiran Choche and Morlita Quan. It is an urban environment where pollution and noise seems to play a major role. The many words reminded me of the many radiations bringing the Internet, telephone and text messaging to the people.
Lanjiran Choche + Morlita Quan

Lanjiran Choche + Morlita Quan

Rebeca Bashly - Spiral SilverStar (machinima): ESMERALDA

My second TP is to a magical Venice made of emeralds. Visitors can walk around or ride with a boat through the city. Rebeca Bashly built this dream. Unfortunately, the photos do not show properly the great effect of the transparency.
Rebeca Bashly
Rebeca Bashly
Rebeca Bashly

Marcus Inkpen - Fuschia Nighfire (machinima): EUDOXIA

Marcus Inkpen’s build’s always delight me with the aesthetic and the ultra-realistic textures. Slightly dark and just beautiful!
Marcus Inkpen
Marcus Inkpen

 Romy Nayar - Leona Mhia - Ux Hax - Hypatia Pickens (machinima): ARMILLA

The last one leads me to the work of Romy Nayar, Leona Mhia and Ux Hax. It reminds me of the "scaffolding" in the workYou Choose”. But here the challenge is again and again to find new ways to get ahead. I did not know until today that bathtubs are a convenient travel option!
Romy Nayar - Leona Mhia - Ux Hax
Romy Nayar - Leona Mhia - Ux Hax
Romy Nayar - Leona Mhia - Ux Hax

Official opening will be at Februar 25. The machinima will be presented at this time to tell the story of the cities.

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA15/89/142/21