Different paths: Originalia

Horray, the Originalia sim has reopened! The landing point is a post office is on the postcards you get from Original Articles that you can add text to send to friends. Nice idea! From there you have the choice of three different directions:

Cherry Manga shows in "Adapt or Perish," a great natural scene that reminds us of the supposedly ideal world in older cultures. We see a goddess statue, which is obviously dedicated to fertility and harvest. It fits well into the Halloween time. And then there is a terrible cave in which living beings are sacrificed to the gods. The blood flows in streams. Human and animal sacrifices have occurred in almost all ancient cultures. That nice has been the good old times!

Fuschia Nightfire has created "Gateway to Hell". The road ends in a blazing inferno of burning trees and flowing lava. Shockingly beautiful!

The Docks of Scottius Polke are back! I am very happy about that. It is so beautiful. Colors and style remind me of Van Gogh. Rez a swim ring and float on the water. Or sit down on a chair. This is great art to feel good and relax.

Taxi to Originalia: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Originalia/40/201/22

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