Style is Priceless

ARNICAIR India is one of the people woíth huge talent of creating spaces. Her sim [ Imagination ] reopened today with  spring mood. The surreal landing spot is a bit tricky. It took me a while to find the teleporter.

ARNICAIR told me that she is very fast with building. She knows how to arrange the landscape. To me this ability is most of all a question of style and she has it. Especially sweet are the children playing around in the flower field. I never have seen that before.

Erica Dress, Red Pain Make Up and Polly Skin: Glamorize, Hair: Amacci Eclair

Talking of style; today I stumbled over the LM of a shop that I frequently visited as noob: Glamorize. Yoko Leeroy still offers great items for an incredible low price. My skin and make up were 10 Linden each, the dress in 4 colours 15 Linden. Some expensive designer items are not as well done as this.

But style can be expensive too. While I was walking around at the nice place and taking photos, ARNICAIR ranted about gachas. She felt in love with the Fawn Spring Babe at Chapter Four. Spring Babes are moving pets to be held in arms. They are in a gacha and the fawn is RARE! She was glad that I did not ask how much she spend to finally get the fawn. But she gave me this bunny to adopt :)

Taxi to [ Imagination ]  :  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Guana%20Cay/128/122/3003

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