Taking the Fantasy Faire Home

At Fantasy Faire:  Gilded Gate + RFL Graveyard Fence by Atelier Visconti

Every Year I think the Fantasy Faire is over too fast and I do my best to soak the great designs. Even better when you can take some of the great items home. Have you seen this gate? if not, walk up the stairs at Sanctum. Gate and fence are available at the Atelier Visconti store at Sanctum

At FF: Seelie Manor by Cerridwens Cauldron, Woodsy Table Set by Dragon Magick Wares, Caelum Tree green by Forest Feast; Other: Weeping Morning Glory Trees by Heart, Jacaranda Tree by Jubjub Forder
Elicio Ember is selling the wonderful structures of The Faery Court as pre-order, meaning you get them immediately but in a couple of weeks you will receive an updated version. Elicio told me that he likes to add a lot of gadgets like lamps etc. and he had no time to finish the package because of the work for the Faire. But as you can see it is already a gemstone in my garden. It comes in 2 sizes and 2 color themes and many other prefabs for a whole sim design. This is the large version in bright (Seelie Manor). The ornaments are best viewed in Advanced Light model.

At FF: Fountain Octagonal by Atelier Visconti, Bronze Crane Sculptures by MeadowWorks

Entering the manor I felt already like an elven princess.

At FF: Paiva Dress Teal by The Muses, Waverider Crown, Armfins + Tattoo by Spyralle, Skin Candace Ceredil  Gold + Slink Nail Appliers by De La SOUL,  Sprite Eyes Fern by Beautiful Freak; Other:  Mesh Nail Pinga By Pulcino

From both sides of the manor are walk ups to the roof:

At FF: Chloris Dress + High Council Crown by 22769, Dead Matte Lipstick by Beautiful Freak, Plume Grass Green by Forest Feast, Other: Tariqa Necklace by Soedara, mesh nail Pinga by Pulcino

On top  is a huge roof terrace:

At FF: Wysteria Dream Outfit incl. Wings by BMe by Elle, Wrought Iron Patio Set by rayheart

As every year the Fantasy Faire gave me lot's of new styling styling ideas and changed my avatar:

At FF:  Devi Jewels Durga by Sax Sheperd, RFL Forest Treasures Necklace by AZE
Other: Hair Faye by Truth

Make use of this weekend to enjoy the last Weekend of the Fantasy Faire.

This link gives you a vendor overview and links to the sims. Look for Designer and check them sim by sim: http://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/designers/

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