Art at Fantasy Faire

Two years ago I wrote during the Fantasy Faire that I often do not see the differences between artists and designers. The creativity is the same and the building skills are often stronger on the side of designers. But luckily artists do see that too and take their part to this great event too. Since the Fantasy Faire is so huge I added the landmark to every sim that you easier find the shops.

Haveit Neox

Haveit Neos is known for many exhibitions in SL, currently you find "The Six Sides of a Dice" and I know that he is working on new projects. It is already 2 years ago I blogged his home ASS Alpha which changed a lot since then and is greater than ever. This interesting build with tadpoles that turn to warriors is to be found at Palace of tears which hosts a hunt during the event starting after this weekend.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Palace%20of%20Tears/235/129/23

Alpha Auer

Dragon avatar by Alpha Tribe @ Fantasy Faire

The avatars of the RL/SL artist are always going beyond that what is possible in real life, which makes them so fascinating. Alpha took part of many extraordinary exhibitions and her home sim alpha tribe is an artwork itself.

RFL Vector Tribe avatar by Alpha Tribe @ Fantasy Faire

M-Tree Dress by Alpha Tribe, Lace-up Boots "Gina" by G Field

CHAINED HORNS - BLACK+ NEW SUN EARRINGS PURPLE + TRIBALIEN TATTOO  FULL  by LaNoir Soleil Designs @ Fantasy Faire, Hope Skin Light Violet by Niekra's Dreams @ Fantasy Faire, Hair Shelly by EMO-tions

Cutea Benelli

the very purple sofa by Grim Bros. @ Fantasy Faire

RFL purple dotties dress + RFL fleur stompers + RFL tophat magic purple by Grim Bros for Fantasy Faire
Hair Sayaka2 by D!va
The Petrowky Flux at Spencer Art Museum built by Blotto Epsilon and Cutea Benelli is regarded as one the most important art installations in second Life. And for sure it is one of the funniest too. But I also like to stroll through Cutea's shop Grim Bros. which is full of crazy ideas. This year for RFL she turned a few of her bestsellers to purple as you can see on my photos.

Elicio Ember

RFL Tinderling Avatar by Cerridwens Cauldreon for Fantasy Faire
Elicio Ember is painter in RL and his home sim Cerridwen's Cauldron ist a wonderful place to explore. I blogged the place here and here. For the Fantasy Faire Elicio built the sim The Fairy Court. The RFL item is a purple version oh the Tinderling avatar. The Tinderling is a creature of the woods, consisting of dead wood and mushrooms. It come in a normal and tiny version and the best of it is the HUD with countless possibilities of sounds, particles, lighting ans colours. I especially fell in love with the nature sounds the Tindering is causing with the movements and the mushrooms growing under every step. Super cute!

There are countless more creations to be considered at the Fantasy Faire. I will try to cover some more the next days, but you should not miss it. I blogged the sims here:  http://quanlavender.blogspot.de/2014/05/fantasy-faire-2014-in-second-life.html

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