LTD Gallery Shop reopens with a Limited Edition by Claudia222 Jewell

Every 2nd 23rd of the month the new Love To Decorate Magazine is out and it is again great. Here is the new copy:

Again I contributed a small art collection: The Art Scene, featuring works by Apple Fall, bf2 Sheperd, Dan Freeland, Fae Varriale, Feathers Boa, Fuschia Nightfire, Gouda Latte, Isabeau Baragula, Louly Loon, Masako, Ragamuffin Kips and Rod North.

Art had to seen and experienced, therefore we present these works and a few more in the LTD Gallery Shop. For example Warm Heart Cold heart is changing when you walk near to the work. Come ans see!

Limited Edition by Claudia22 Jewell

And a small sensation is the Geisha vase, created by Claudia222 Jewell. She crested with Spirits one of the best visited art simes ever in Second Life before she decided to step back from creating. Claudia222 Jewell never sold art and maybe this is the only chance ever to get a work by her. Strictly limited to 50 pieces!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amadora/209/190/22

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