Never Run In The Rain With Your Socks On

Miuccia watching the Golem, a custom work by Ub Yifu

In the 2nd edition of the UpToDate magazine, where I contributed 2 articles too, is a great interview with Jaynine Scarborough. If you happen to understand German, you should read it. Beside the talk about music she said that all RL meetings with people from Second Life where very positive, because we know friends here from inside out. It is just another skin. And maybe we wear less masks when we are as we want to be.

This came in my mind when I visited the new build by Squonk Levenque and Miuccia Klaar. we became immediate friends when we met first at the sim Treptower Park. I also loved the Broken Heart. The last build before Squonk took a break from SL, was the darkest ever and made me thinking in this post:  http://quanlavender.blogspot.de/2013/03/more-drama-please.html

I met Miuccia at the new sim H22O after she passed me the LM and asked her, how it comes that I make friends with people because they build dark, sad and rotten places. She said exactly that fascinated her with Squonk too. This build again is intriguing and inspiring to have a closer look on our darker sides which we usually like to oversee.

Be prepared for some lag caused by heavy rain. An umbrella is provided!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KSA%20Atlantis/196/159/502

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