Drama is Fun

Bohemian Ossuary necklace Dark Pearls by Nocturnal Couture, Lacuna Eyeshadow Red By Snow
Pose Despair by Uncertain Smile

Not from WGF: Hair Josephine by LeLutka, Moonglow Lip Color: Vintage Reds Cherry by Senzafine

This is the last weekend of the World Goth Fair and I take the chance to present a couple of items and outfits I fell in love with.

Jessica Ruby Dress incl. gloves and hat by FOSCA de LE, Pose EY - Too Much Cheek by Something New
Gothic Gazebo +  Amber Lamp Gold by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] 

Not from WGF: Off Sim Reef

I like this fair because I love the dramatic effects you can create with goth styling.

Scatterheart is wearing: Alaric Stand Collar Jacket by DarkPassions,
not from WGF: Mens Chinos v2 by BRAVURA, RayRay Boots by Hoorenbeek, Voyageur hat by LODE
I am wearing: Alvira Frock by Dark Passions, Lace Glimpse Pants by Greymoon, Mellies Vintage Boot by DemotiK's Footwear, Apparel & Accessories, Royal Voodoo Hat by Sax Sheperd Designs, Antique Glasses by Eclectica, Hair Astarte + Iron Cross Necklace by LNS Designs, Skin Celine - Exclusive Purple by Jalwa
Deco: Chtuluh Armchair Black Leather Brocade + The Nevermore Black/Gold by 22769 ~ [bauwerk],
Arch of Saint Eustace - V3 by Rook Poses

I know that many avatars write in their profile that they avoid drama in Second Life. I think that is neither possible nor good. I found this on the webpage of an actors academy:  "Drama is one of the most important assets to learn in our lives. Through Drama we learn to explore the way other people think, feel and communicate, helping us understand others and ourselves on a higher level."

Medieval Dolly Dress by BitsyB, Lolita Boots by Sax Sheperd Designs, Skin Celine - Exclusive Purple by Jalwa,
Perenelle necklace by Eclectica, Forgotten Melody Haunted Piano + Nevermore Fantasy Raven by Angelic Designs

Not from WGF: Hair Drewleigh by Damselfly

Avoiding drama therefore means a lack of interest in others. And people who "play" with other avatars and use them for their goals without concerning about their feelings are those which really should be avoided!

From WGF: Tank Dress Bleeding Rose + Curled NekoTail Roses Large + Goth Neko Ear Rose Large
 + Corset Boot Skulls n Roses by Psychotic Neko, Hair Pagan by Damselfly, Skin Plaster Stepmother by Silken Moon,
Room Divider with poses "Picture In the Attic" by NANTRA

Not from the event: Desert Lips by Glamorize, LacquerSublimeRouge Nails by MIAMAI, Eye Shadow by LeeL

The World Goth Fair does not offer only morbid items. Isn't that Neko outfit with roses cute?
The Event is open until tomorrow, June 1st.

WGF CURSED (adult) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cursed/65/129/1020
WGF SIUM (moderate) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sium/127/200/1001
WGF PORT SERAPHINE (general) –http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port%20Seraphine/99/132/25

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