KueperPunk Korhonen Reading at LEA17 Today

Kueperpunk Korhonen is one of the leading Science Fiction writers in Germany and today is one of the rare occasions to hear him reading one of his novels in English.

The event is a collaboration with a musical performance by Automatic Quandry aka Robert Keller who is the front man for The Hodges, a California based rock/pop/indie band.


"Combining their unique literary and musical talents, Kueperpunk Korhonen and Automatic Quandry deliver an immersive storytelling performance that captivates and mesmerizes audiences. 

"Reconstructor" takes place in a not so distant future where the concept of one's identity becomes intertwined with the value of one's memories -- memories that a person may elect to have altered or wiped altogether, including those of family, friends, lovers and others who may be reluctant to be forgotten."

The time of performance it quite tough for Europeans, 5 PM is 2 AM in Germany. So don't be surprised when not many of us will be around. But I know the performance and really can recommend the event!

Today at 5 PM SLT!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA17/174/72/61

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