The Miniature Goal at Art India and other Machinima

Erythro Asimov brought back great memories of Art India Gallery. The last large exhibition has been "The Miniature Goal" by Haveit Neox and Erythro spent many hours to film it.

After the sudden and unexpected removal of the build by the new sim owner I had no hope that Erythro could finish the machinima, but he did. The machinima maker play an important role in the preservation of artworks. But Erythro of course goes further. He added real life captures from the oil place at Old Baku.  Haveit Neox commented on his piece: "Our disproportionate appetite for resources makes it clear that our progress, and therefore our goal, will succumb to a miniature plan. We will eventually come to realize that the planet's current ecosystems are being damaged to a point where we may not be able to save them. Where does that leave us when we become so small?" Erythro adds: History gives us the answer : War"

A masterpiece on a masterpiece!
Thank you, Erythro Asimov!

Let me take the chance to present some machinima, that caught my eyes:

This science fiction story is the last part of a series and you might not be able to follow the storyline completely. But it is so well done, that you should not miss it!

Here are the links to the previous parts:
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Maylee Oh does not only create cute fashion for her shop "The Secret Store", she proved recently that entertaining commercials can be filmed in Second Life:

And finally a beautiful short machinima filmed in the beautiful region Wetland:

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