Winter Holidays in the Mountains

<HEART HOMES> Winter Lovenest
"Fairy White Tree" by DaD DESIGN , Winter Snowy Hawthorn  by Heart, Sbowy Pine by FYN
Snowy Road by HPMD

This is the time of the year when many go for Winter Holidays and skiing. This house is the ideal place to enjoy the winter. A highlight is the fully animated Sauna, which is part of the house.

Fountain Clover Snowy by Atelier Visconti,, fantasticflower_white by Forest Feast

The icy fountain is so fairy and beautiful.

  Rocking Chair, Coat Rack: A.V. Mont Blanc by Atelier Visconti
Firewood Basket, Part of the Glowing White Christmas Set by Heart Homes,  Clean Sweep set by Second Spaces,

Single Comfy Seats: Parts of the "Glowing Warm Christmas" set, Vintage "Industrial" coffee table set for  two
both by Heart Homes

Toronto Kitchen by ~BAZAR~

Scarlet Creative Nostaglia Bed by Scarlet Creative for Collabor88
 Grizzly Rug by FANATIC HOME,  Owl Clock Green by Atelier Visconti,
Champagne and Petals by TARTESSOS GALLERY, Painting "Oh My Darling" by Lilianna Clarity
See more paintings by Lilianna Clarity at Art India Gallery: sadly gone

"Le Bain" bathroom set by Heart Homes

The animated sauna with all details is part of the structure

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