Walhalla jewelry set by Kunglers

A question to all female readers: Do you know that too? You meet someone and one day you come closer and he says "I have a nice bed with a zillionandtwentyfive animations!" And you yell "Nooooo, please not! I have a nice bed!" Because you know that his bed may have the better animations but most likely not a single prim of good design. Usually men are more focused on technical details while women have more the decoration in mind.

Beautiful B&W  Bedroom Set by eXplicite for Sexxx Sells
nostalgic chandelier by floorplan for Collabor88, Era Kilim Rug 4 by :FANATIK HOME:, Hammars Stuga by Post

Crawford Dressing Table, Stool, Mirror, Wall Hook + Slip, Hat Boxes by Lark for Collabor88
White wooden Wardobe two doors by ::db:: , Mesh Curtains by Mirage

Dear designers of adult toys, I fear you often forget that at the end always the women make the descisions when it comes to interior. You may sell well, but that does not mean you could not sell more with better design and textures.

Drawers Mosaic by :KR: Home, Mirror part of the bedroom set; FUSE Copper spring apple lamp by Trill Zapatero;
Black Velvet Cat Armchair by Boudoir;  Round Brown Ottoman by Savoir Vivre for Sexxx Sells

So my mission at Sexxx Sells Expo was to dig for items that could be part of a nice interior. You see the results here. My favorite is the sofa. It has a large menu with countless combinations of colors. Every single part can be colored differently. I choose white with brown seams and nobody would expect the huge menu of animations ;)

Classy leather sofa by BN inc. for Sexxx Sells
Plant in a bottle by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] , Era Kilim Rug 4 by :FANATIK HOME:, Accent Table - Stone by KR: Home
Pippa: White Lace Vintage Set by Blacklace, $EXODU$ - Nude shoes by Belgravia

Same with the ottoman, the bedroom set and the piano, which has a choice of music too. A fun item with loads of nice animations. And all together an interior that I really like.

Timeless Piano by Xplicit for Sexxx Sells
Pearl Chest of Drawers by AF, TA Champagne and Petals by TARTESSOS ARTS,
Painting "Behind Closed Doors" by Lilanna Clarity

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