Revisited: Calas Galadhon

Wintertime at Calas Galadhon is every year my favorite season and I always come back.

The lake in the center of the little village was crowded with ice climbers, but I had a walk along the shops...

...and went to the hairdresser. He was entertaining...

But I don't know if I can recommend him. The styling was a bit wild.

But for the sleigh ride it looked somehow nice.

Scatter is wearing Kilian by Utopia
I am wearing Baroque Lady by AvaGirl and Madame Pompadour Hair by Boudoir

Calas Galadhon will be closed for the month of February, so come and enjoy the winter until the end of January.

More information: http://calasgaladhon.com/

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calas%20Galadhon/137/233/22

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