Double Launch: Love to Decorate and Gallery Shop

Tomorrow Thursday, January 23rd is a special day. It is the launch of a new bi-monthly magazine published by Editorial Clarity-Flux in Second Life:

My contribution to the magazine is a collection of 12 handpicked art pieces for each issue. During my research I was fast convinced that after seeing the photo in the magazine a piece has to be watched inworld To make it comfortable for our readers the easiest way would be an exhibition. As curator of Art India Gallery I decided to have a Gallery Shop here.

The well known artist Haveit Neox built a wonderful shop which became a beautiful addition to the Shekhavati, India sim. Find works by Alia Baroque, Bonafidenutts Aries, Dizzy Banjo/Eshi Otawara, LeMelonrouge Onyett, Lilianna Clarity, Milly Sharple, Paco Pooley, RAG Randt, Rebeca Bashly, Rodriguez Munro and Spooky Mistwallow. Not all consider themselves as artists but believe me, they are. The exhibition will stay for 2 months and then be replaced by the collection for the next magazine.

Editorial Clarity-Flux  saw the second part of the gallery shop,  the FUSE lamp collection by Trill Zapatero and loved them that much that he took photos for the first LTD too.

The opening and the launch of the LTD magazine are a good reason to have a party! You are cordially invited to join us at  1 PM SLT. DeceptionsDigital (DD) will play her excellent electronic tunes.

More about DD : https://soundcloud.com/deceptionsdigital/

LOVE TO DECORATE: http://lovetodecoratesl.com/

Opening Thursday, 23rd at 1 PM SLT feat. DD

Taxi: Sadly gone and moved to here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amadora/204/185/22

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