Event Day at Art India: Three Openings and Oriental Grooves

Art India Gallery is happy to host Haveit Neox' latest work which deals with shrinking resources worldwide:

Haveit Neox about his work:

     What if our physical world shrunk in proportion to the resources we drain from it?
     We deplete resources all across the globe, yet in our homes we may feel few repercussions. Though we don’t actually visit the oil spills, the cleared forests, or the mines, let’s imagine how it would appear, were our everyday life reflected proportionately to the current depletion. If our bedroom walls were to shrink at the same percentage as the forests or the extinction of species for instance, how high exactly would our walls become?

     In my exhibit, I invite visitors into the miniature world we are in the process of creating. Abundance is shortly to become a historic commodity. A powerfully dangerous monster is being set in motion. Do we simply suppose the scientists can slay such a creature once we create it? Though we cannot cure the common cold, somehow we believe we will be able to cure an ailing planet. 

     Our disproportionate appetite for resources makes it clear that our progress, and therefore our goal, will succumb to a miniature plan. We will eventually come to realize that the planet's current ecosystems are being damaged to a point where we may not be able to save them. Where does that leave us when we become so small?

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We happy to announce two more openings at the same time:

Trill Zapatero, a Canadian painter, is known for her optimistic works. The decayed Wal Mart turns out to be a little paradise and refuge inside. Please do not miss FUSE - A Collection of Lamps by Trill Zapatero in the newly opened Gallery Shop at Art India.

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A welcome to Ranadeep as artist in Residence in the Art Bazaar! The Indian artists creates fractal art, digital illustrations, Second Life Photography and iPhoneography.

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A special event deserves a special music act and we are happy that Nnoiz Papp agreed to play. Nnoiz creates electronic music with Oriental influences. Nnoiz just relased a new CD: ORIENTOPOLIS
Hear an example here: https://soundcloud.com/nnoiz/orientropolis-preview
More about Nnoiz here: www.nnoiz.com

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