Typote @ Eupa

Due to RL reasons (as far as I know) sadly  we cannot see very often works of Typote Beck anymore.

Eupalinos Ugajin invited him to take part of his installation at LEA installation 'You are the Music while the Music lasts and 'There is a Hole in My Inventory'. At the landing point sit on the blue bollard and click the direction 'Typote'.

It was interesting  and fun at the same time to see the works. There should be more by Typote as I could find. Eupalino's recommended to try the Fido or Circus destination at the bollard. But I could not find it and SL seem to have bad issues today. All is laggy. I gave up and show you Eupa's photo instead, which is better than the one I could have taken anyway:

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA25/125/125/997

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