Even if I have seen many brilliant outcomes of creativity in SL, there are still a lot of moments that make me a goose skin. Visiting MEDIAMORPHOSIS definitely was one of them.

Thoth Jantzen created a space with intriguing sounds and optical effects, which are to be explored in different ways. After walking the tunnel (make sure to have media enabled, draw distance on more than 250 and sun at Midnight), you land in a familiar looking Hopper rebuilt, but... it is not just a bar. It is a wormhole to another dimension.

My recommendation is to use first the TP system to visit the different builds, walking through them to enjoy the immersion by the optical effects. I saw contributions by different artists and subject to change as I found in the note card. The sounds are simply wonderful with the images.

Then it is time for a drink at the bar in Hopper build (find out how to get in). Have seat at the bar and hit twice the ESC button. How did Confucius say? "The superior man sees without looking out of the window and travels without stepping out of the door."

You will love it too!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ars%20Simulacra/165/128/1772

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Our Love said...

oh yes rig it does look like a most wondrous and magical place... a definite must visit! thx for sharing