Sneak Preview: SkyDance V

The Sky Dancers have a long history in Second Life. Founded in 2006, the shows of the team around Dancoyote Antonelli has been supported over the years by contributions of many well known artists in SL.

“Sky Dance V – Innocence End” is completely new designed and different from any other show in Second Life. The dancers wear huge attachments, which make them look like huge butterflies to me. I had the chance to see the last  rehearsal and have been really amazed. The choreography is not animated. All has been worked out in countless hours of rehearsal.

The show is narrative under the participation of the audience which determines the outcome of the storyline. In many ways it is unlike all others shows I ever have seen in SL and really recommend visiting it.

Shows will be each Wednesday at 7 PM SLT starting from January 30.
Seats are strictly limited to reduce lag. Please contact SkyBank Alter or Unbelievable Destiny for reservation!

Do not miss it!


Anonymous said...

First he steal my ideas and after he bans me from the LEA sims to prevent me to show how it should be really done. He is by far the saddest case of a wannabe artist who licks deep in the LINDEN asses to use the LEA sims for free year after year. He doesn't have to apply, write 100 word application forms of check the YES box!

Unknown said...

You know that he is not LEA member anymore, so don't bore us with the past.

Anonymous said...

Not a LEA member anymore????? Wake up, silly! He has his office in SF Linden headquarters. He gets his dirty work done by some narrow minded slaves, keeping his hands free for undisturbed building for free, year after year in LEA. It's because yawning people like you some people pay every month for their sim and others get it for free.