Dear readers, since I really would love to become rich and famous like Oprah, I herewith announce the upcoming interview with SaveMe Oh  in occasion of the performance at her 6th rezday. Thank you for understanding and I hope it helps (me).

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Here my chat with SaveMe a while ago:

Quan Lavender: what do you think if I make an interview with you for the blog
SaveMe Oh: It could be the best idea you had since long
SaveMe Oh: will rocket you for sure to the number one position of famous bloggers
Quan Lavender: haha, possible
Quan Lavender: Many don't understand you and they don't understand why I don't hate you against the mainstream
SaveMe Oh: And you think that your questions would solve that problem?
Quan Lavender: honestly no... but I am an optimist
SaveMe Oh: thats good,  there should always be some hope
Quan Lavender: I agree! Do you have any plans for works in the near future that we can combine it?
SaveMe Oh: I will do a performance for my rezday 23 february
Quan Lavender: ah, thats a great date for it
SaveMe Oh: you can already start announcing the big SaveMe Oh interview, just like Oprah does with Lance Armstrong
SaveMe Oh: You will become a celebrity
Quan Lavender: she did? I will google that
Quan Lavender: if it makes me rich like her, its ok
SaveMe Oh: we share the wealth, and I will take you to South America
Quan Lavender: deal! ^^
SaveMe Oh: I want every week an announchment
SaveMe Oh: starting from 23 january
Quan Lavender: my blog is no marketing platform
SaveMe Oh: no, but an artblog
SaveMe Oh: an those announments are part of the art
SaveMe Oh: not a marketing tool
SaveMe Oh: as I am the artwork
Quan Lavender: but the blog is no art
SaveMe Oh: When I am in it it becomes art
Quan Lavender: It's worth a try  *lol
SaveMe Oh: ...and as you don't have anything better to do...
Quan Lavender: sure


Apmel said...

Flora also gave an interview with SaveMe. Just saying..

Anonymous said...

Why under the great pic in this blog "MASTERPIECES" is written like this??? I would prefer it written like this: MASTERPIECES!

Unknown said...

Save, nobody can deny that you are smart. Not a lot will have noticed the reason for the quote chars^^