Timeless Works

The view on art can be very different. Some are just looking for the content in art. I don't. The aesthetic quality is an important part of art for me. And this part is tricky. There is for sure such as fashion in the art world. I know, artists don't want hear it, but there a waves of special kinds of creations.

 And sometimes I get bored after seeing the 10th time the same way of styling or motifs. Or I see older works and find them outdated. And of course I ask myself then if I am overindulged or spoiled.But then I see older works that convince me again, that real good art is timeless as well in a virtual world.

One of the artists where I experienced that, is Elros Tuominen, or Antonio Aa as his display name is now (did I ever say, that I HATE this mess with display names?). I saw works by him when I was very young in SL. Since then I revisited his gallery from time to time and never saw any new piece. But every time, I felt in love with the displayed art again. Sad, that he obviously had stopped creating.

But good news! He started to build again and plans to do more. Yesterday opened an installation with interesting new works. Most of them are interactive, so make sure to sit in them and/or walk through.

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ohana%20Isles/203/241/23

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