Art Tour

Owl Bravenheart is one of those who are restlessly supporting the art by interesting exhibitions. Until September 22. there is again the GA International Fine Arts Tour under the participation of more that 40 artists in 20 locations. See here some examples together with landmarks:

Luko Enoch

Taxi: Aloisio Congrejo + Luko Enoch

Taxi: Ub Yifu

Gleman Jun placed a tower with lots of his works
Taxi: Owl Bravenheart + Gleman Jun

Milly Sharple

Fae Varriale
This sim is sepecially interesting because of the great, dark buildings created by the talented P4andora Quintessa!

Taxi: Milly Sharple, Darcy Monkeev, Fae Varriale

Chuckmatrix Clip

Taxi: Chuckmatrix Clip, Marro Enyo, Dimitri Mint

Fuschia Nightfire

Taxi: Fufy Keng + Fuschia Nightfire

At each event location is a board with the land marks to all 20 destinations and the names of the participating artists.


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