Play with Light

A real challenge for builders, artists, gallery- and simowners ist the fact, that the visitors have a dramatically different experience of a place according to internet connection, hardware- and software level and viewer settings. And that means they do not have control over the visitors impression. This goes so far, that still bloggers go to mesh builds with non-mesh viewers and blog about it as I was more than once told by artists. This may sound funny, but is frustrating for the artists. I have myself the challenge with William Weavers's 'build 010' at Art India Gallery where it is not about mesh, but just the graphic settings. In that case they have a massive impact in the visitors experience of the artwork. I installed a greeter at the landing point with detailed information to the viewer settings at the installation but it can happen, that the visitors have limited graphics and crash - if they even read and follow it!

A quite new feature is lighting and shadows. Regi Yifu has build an interesting installation which plays with the possibilities of different light angles and projectors. The visitor gets a projector to wear and this light and the shadows are changing the installation. His studies are really interesting and it was fun to play with it. But I also saw the limits of my graphic card. The shadows pixelated partly.

This lights only can be seen with the viewer on Ultra and shadows has to be enabled. When I arrived with my usual travel setting on Medium, I saw nothing than a white room.

Graphics on Medium
Graphics on Ultra with Shadows Sun/Moon + Projector...
... plus wearing the provided head projector

Please follow the instructions for full experience.
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GAY%20ISLAND%20Resort/30/247/3001

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