Gallery Hopping From Shameless to SaveMe Oh

Dixmix Source made it 2 times this week to impress me, once as curator and once as artist. In his own gallery opened an exhibition of very erotic photos which are far beyond the average quality of erotic pics in SL: 'Shameless' by Anna Anton.

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Dixmix himself opened at Monroe Snook's gallery 'Asia through the lens':

Although I am usually not happy with rl photos in SL I must admit, that Dixmix' Photoshop skills has been created beautiful pictures which are reflecting well the Asian moods. Good work!

Rowan Derryth curates for a while now a series of exhibtions of art collectors, 'The Avalon Collectors Cycle". At present Ziki Questi shows pieces of her art collection and there are some nice works which are not often to be seen.

Sextan Shepherd
Ziki finally proved her good taste when I saw 3 works by William Weaver :)

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William Weaver's 'build 010 ' is open until end of September in the Art India Gallery.

William Weaver

 In case you have missed it you have not seen the updated version, you definitely  should not miss it; as well as 'Best of Eyecandi' by Fiona Leitner, which closes at the end of this month too and will be replaced by the 'Art of Protest' contest.

Fiona Leitner
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shekhawati/215/28/35


The invitation to the opening was already fun:
 Sunday 16th at 1PM SLT you are welcome to join  a daring artwalk into exclusive goals!
 This is an artwork by the notorious artist SaveMe Oh. As she made and hosts  the art in question she cannot   be banned."

As I arrived there, SaveMe was sweet as always and did not waist time with useless civilities. Instead of a welcome I got: "Quan, go up, or your think your blog writes itself?"  Ok, at least she was saying what all artists are thinking when I visit an exhibition.

Of course I did not went up the red arrows without grabbing a free Hoover at the landing point first, with I love since SaveMe's great Machinima about Rebecca Bashly's 'Inferno'. Climbing up there are countless of rooms. In each one you can hop into the scenery.

I think I remember some of them. SaveMe has wearing them at events, for what she is widely hated in the art scene - as usually spiced with some insider jokes. And some of the scenes I recognize from 'The Oh Collection'. These pictures are smart, witty and greatly done interpretations on famous artworks or artists. They are only to see on Facebook. Please correct me, if there is another possibility to see them. Because only some of the pictures are displayed in the exhibition, which is sad.  Look for the pictures in the builds, they are the best! SaveMe is not a great builder and without knowing the purpose and as well the stories or dramas behind many witty hints in the builds, it leaves the visitor helpless as you see in the chat below:

The build...
...and the related picture

When I logged in today, I met Kay Mermaid (Kay Uggla). She told me that she has a studio on Solace Island, the sim of the exhibtion, where she teaches clothes making. The dialogue about the installations revealed all questions that other visitors would have too:

Kay: i had some difficulties to understand this all
Kay: did you understand this art thing? What is the meaning?
Kay: For me it is parts in a big building, most of the building is gone.
Kay: that is how i understood it all
Quan: With some I don't know either, some has been part of pictures and with others I find hints to dramas SaveMe has caused or was involved in
Kay: may be
Quan: these rooms, SaveMe usually wears in crowded places, openings or such
Kay: aha
Kay: have you seen her things before?
Quan: yes, as I said usually on openings or events of art places or on photos, she posted in her blog later.
Kay Mermaid: and then all that fuzz about her person here and some persons sort of "steeling" the interest form her art?
Quan: yes, in a way...

Sadly, not much artists used the chance to have some revenge fun at the opening. But one always can rely on Eupalinos Ugajin. He was wearing a beautiful cube attachment. "A gift of Lolito Larkham." as he said . It covered several of SaveMe's builds and he added later more: " The cows are a 1024 sphere, so 4 sims large!" This hardly can be topped.

Eupalinos Ugajin at HOP ON OH

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Solace%20Island/164/77/21


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